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Municipality Pazardzhik, Youth Centre Pazardzhik, 

Youth Information and Consulting Centre – Pazardzhik, 

Youth Theater “Friends are pleased to invite you to 


International Youth Theatre Festival OCEAN OF LOVE”

Pazardzhik, Bulgaria 28 – 31 march 2014 /9th edition/


The festival is dedicated to the International Day of Theatre /27 march/ and the organizers will gather once again youngsters ‘infected by the magic of Melpomene’ in Pazardzhik.

We would like to invite your theatrical troupe to participate in The festival with a performance which you choose. "OCEAN OF LOVE" expresses our desire to make participants and audience see                        “The great feeling LOVE” from as many perspectives as possible.

The best performances, determined by selection, will take part in the official program of the festival. They will be performed on the stages of the Youth Center and The Lapidarium of The Historical Muzeum.

This year for the first time Festival "Ocean of Love" provides an opportunity for participation in concurrent experimental program "Rehearsal - my love." It will include performances that are in the course of preparation but not completed. They will be represented to the audience as "Open Rehearsal". Condition for participation in this program is: The Head of the composition must have theatrical higher education.

Please, request your willingness to participate by sending the Application form completed and attached to theatrefest_mdom_pz@abv.bg until 7 March 2014!

* It is necessary to send us video and photo materials from the performance, which do you apply with. They are permitted to be made by mobile phone. For the video enough to be filmed extract up to 15 minutes and to be sent to us by e-mail as an attachment or as a link to the video-sharing site. If the performance is not finished yet, you can send video and photo frames from the rehearsal process.

* It is desirable to send us promotional materials to attract an audience for your performance /posters, placards, photos, brochures, flyers, promotional photos, promotional videos, etc... /    

* The fee - € 30!!! This fee includes lodging and feeding for 3 days, workshops with qualified teachers, discussions with professional actors, directors and other theater specialists, presentation of higher education institutions, which studied Theatre and Film Arts etc…

* The costs of living and transport should be taken by the visiting theatrical troupes.


*** We are expecting you in Pazardzhik.

*** Official media partner of the festival is Forty Media /Forty TV + Forty Radio/.

You can find them at the websites www.mdompazardjik.com and www.pz-mikc.bg.


For correspondence: Republic of Bulgaria, Pazardzhik 4400, Youth Center, "Ekzarh Yosif" № 6;

For information:

Inna Tserovska /Director of The festival/                         +359898665552, +359879605620, +35934444426

Valentina Topalova /Organiser - administrative activity/                                                         +35934444650

Aleksandar Bratoev /Organiser - creative activity/           +359896818595, +359879858708  


Official websites: www.mdompazardjik.com and www.pz-mikc.bg. There you will receive any information and you will find links to other fan sites of The Festival and Youth Theater "Friends".


                                                                               With BEST WISHES:

                                                                                  Inna Tserovska

                                                                                                  Aleksandar Bratoev 

Application form

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